Victoria Square


Livewell health hub

The first Livewell health hub is providing 20,000 residents with access to integrated health and wellbeing services. These services currently include:

  • GP services
  • Sexual health clinics
  • Pulmonary care
  • Speech ang language therapies


35 affordable apartments with 23 homes for shared ownership and 12 for social rent. 

Shared ownership has helped residents get on the property ladder, while the homes for social rent provide a truly affordable and secure housing option for people.


Hotel and bus interchange

A 70 bed Travelodge is attracting visitors and has created 20 new jobs within our community, whilst the enlarged bus interchange has the capacity to support future improvements in the bus network.


Public space

The plaza and garden area links the new buildings to the historic high street and complements the character of the Town Hall and adjacent listed pillars and walls.

The design includes certain elements which makes it friendlier for people living with conditions such as dementia.


Livewell hub with capacity to serve circa



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