Live in the Braintree District

Live in

Braintree District

Why you should live in Braintree District

  • Quality of life

    Our rural surroundings, history and heritage, successful business communities and ambitious growth plans make our district a great place to live and work.

    There is something for everyone – from bustling market towns and picturesque villages to castles, heritage sites, museums, historic pubs and wineries.

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  • Good schools

    There are a wealth of good schools to choose from and plenty of things to do to entertain children - from activity centres to parks and cinemas to bowling alleys.

    A population of 153,000 is supported by 52 primary schools and 8 secondary schools. With 89% of schools rated as outstanding or good, children and adolescents are offered the best educational start in life.

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  • Competitive house prices

    With more people working two or three days from home, employees are willing to give up a more expensive postcode in London, for additional space and lower mortgage costs.

    Property prices are competitive compared to London and the other regional growth centres nearby. There are properties to suit every budget with average house prices around 21% lower than in Chelmsford and 36% lower than in Cambridge.

    Fortunately, access to London and other regional towns are still within easy reach when needed.

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  • Good transport links

  • Superfast broadband

    94% of addresses currently have access to superfast and ultrafast broadband. That’s 22,750 addresses with access to superfast broadband speeds up to 30Mbps and of these, nearly 3,000 with access to gigabit-capable speeds up to 1,000Mbps.

    Work to reach more addresses is continuing, and in the next three years, we expect that we will have more than 99% broadband coverage.

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